Participants of the 2019 Summer D3 Showcase
rated the event a 4.6/5


The efficiency with which it was run (pre-event emails, jersey and team designation before the start made it easier to tell coaches where they can find you, everything ran on time), the number of players and coaches.
This event featured more coaches than any other event we have attended this year! Received film the week of event.
Run vey well with “real” coaches watching the games. This was not one of these showcases where schools are advertised as being there but only show up for the all star game.
It was very well organized, great constant communication and impressive amount of college coach attendance. I was also pleased with the smaller team size and the types of players who attended. In other showcases, I found that the player rotation was not equal and players often didn’t pass the ball. My son’s team at D3 looked like a team. While you do want to look good in front of the coaches, I feel like they played well together & made themselves look better.
Best event my son has attended.  The number of coaches on the sidelines was the most I have seen at any event. The fact that the coaches were actually paying attention and not just socializing like most other events my son has been to was very impressive.
I have been speaking very highly of this showcase tournament. Very well run! Wish we would have done this last year although my son being a junior is good timing.
We have been to many of these events and we would place this one probably in the top 3 based on overall experience. It was enjoyable and we will likely return to next year’s event.